University of Twente Scholarship 2024 (UTS)

University of Twente Scholarship 2024 (UTS)
Level: Masters
Duration 2 Years
Stipend : Yes
Tags : Education


⏳ Deadline: May 1, 2024
πŸ’° Stipend: €3,000 – €22,000 per year
πŸ—ΊοΈ Countries Eligible: Non-EU/EEA countries
🏷️ Tags: Master’s Scholarship, Netherlands, University of Twente
πŸ”΅ Mode: Online
πŸ›οΈ Organization: University of Twente
Host Country: Netherlands
Degree Level: Master’s

🌐 About Organization:

The University of Twente, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of the Netherlands, stands as a beacon of academic excellence and innovation. Established in 1961, UT has continually evolved, carving its niche as a leading public research university. Its sprawling campus, characterized by state-of-the-art facilities and vibrant academic communities, fosters an environment conducive to exploration and discovery.

UT prides itself on its interdisciplinary approach, where cutting-edge research seamlessly integrates with practical applications, addressing real-world challenges. Renowned for its contributions to fields such as engineering, technology, and social sciences, UT cultivates a dynamic learning ecosystem that encourages collaboration across disciplines.

With a commitment to fostering global partnerships and promoting cultural diversity, UT attracts bright minds from all corners of the globe. Its vibrant international community adds richness to the academic tapestry, facilitating cross-cultural exchanges and broadening perspectives.

πŸš€Β  About Scholarship:

The University of Twente Scholarship (UTS) embodies UT’s dedication to academic excellence and inclusivity. Designed to empower talented individuals from non-EU/EEA countries, the UTS serves as a catalyst for academic and personal growth.

At the heart of the UTS lies the belief that financial barriers should not hinder access to quality education. The scholarship, ranging from €3,000 to €22,000 per year, alleviates the financial burden associated with pursuing a Master’s degree at UT. This financial support extends beyond covering tuition fees, empowering scholars to immerse themselves fully in their academic pursuits and extracurricular activities.

Beyond its monetary value, the UTS represents an opportunity for scholars to join a vibrant academic community characterized by innovation and collaboration. By providing access to world-class faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a richly diverse student body, the scholarship nurtures an environment conducive to intellectual exploration and personal development.

Furthermore, the UTS serves as a testament to UT’s commitment to nurturing global talent and fostering cross-cultural exchanges. By welcoming scholars from diverse backgrounds, UT enriches its academic discourse and strengthens its position as a global hub for learning and innovation.

πŸ† Benefits:

  • The UTS offers financial support ranging from €3,000 to €22,000 per year.
  • The scholarship is meant to cover study-related expenses, including tuition fees and living costs.
  • Up to 50 scholarships will be awarded for the academic year.

πŸŽ“ Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the University of Twente Scholarship 2024, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a citizen of a country outside the EU/EEA.
  • Must have (provisional) admission to one of the qualifying Master’s programs at UT starting in September 2024.
  • Academic excellence and achievement are preferred.
  • Applicants must fulfill the English language proficiency requirements, with a minimum score of IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL iBT 90, and an additional 6.0 on the speaking subscore (or equivalent).
  • EU/EEA citizens and current Dutch UT students are not eligible to apply.

-> Programs Available:

Students can choose from a wide range of Master’s programs at the University of Twente, including:

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Applied Physics
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Business Administration
  • Business Information Technology
  • Chemical Science & Engineering
  • Civil Engineering & Management
  • Communication Science
  • Computer Science
  • Construction Management & Engineering
  • Educational Science & Technology
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Embedded Systems
  • Environmental & Energy Management
  • European Studies
  • Health Sciences
  • Industrial Design Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering & Management
  • Interaction Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Nanotechnology
  • Philosophy of Science, Technology & Society
  • Psychology
  • Public Administration
  • Robotics
  • Sustainable Energy Technology

Additional Scholarship:

In addition to the UTS scholarship, eligible students may also apply for the Kipaji Scholarship. This scholarship is available only to recipients of the UTS scholarship and offers additional financial support of up to €12,000. Applicants must meet the specific requirements for the Kipaji Scholarship to be considered.

πŸ“ Application Process:

  1. Apply for admission to a Master’s program at the University of Twente.
  2. Upon receiving an offer letter, applicants can apply for the UTS scholarship using their student number.
  3. Complete the online application form for the scholarship, providing all required documents and information.
  4. Submit the application before the deadline of May 1, 2024.
  5. After submitting the application, it may take up to 8 weeks to receive the results.
  6. Successful applicants will be notified via email and will be required to fulfill any further requirements for scholarship acceptance.

Don’t miss this opportunity to pursue your Master’s degree at the University of Twente with financial support from the UTS scholarship. Apply now and take your academic journey to new heights!

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