The Sewa Fellowship

The Sewa Fellowship
Level: Graduate, UnderGraduate
Apply Before March 21, 2024
Duration 2 Years
Deadline : Ongoing
Organization : Sewa International
Countries : India
Mode On Site
Stipend : Yes
Tags : Education, Leadership, Social Change


About Organization:

Sewa Fellowship isn’t just a program; it’s a strategic investment in cultivating a new generation of leaders and change-makers who are not only aware of the challenges facing India but are actively engaged in developing and implementing solutions. It’s a testament to the power of youth, knowledge, and community coming together to shape a brighter and more sustainable future for the nation.

Sewa Fellowship’s commitment to fostering positive change is deeply rooted in the belief that the youth possess the power and potential to drive meaningful ideas, lead impactful movements, nurture organizations, and ultimately, contribute to the pursuit of truth and justice, collectively building a better Bharat.

Sewa Fellowship stands as a visionary initiative, strategically investing in the development of human capacity to empower the bright minds of the youth. It serves as a transformative platform, designed to address and overcome the complex socio-economic-cultural challenges that India faces. Through an immersive 100-week program, Sewa Fellowship doesn’t just offer theoretical insights but provides a holistic experience that integrates knowledge, skills, and robust mentor support.

This fellowship is not merely a learning endeavor; it’s a journey that aspires to create a community of individuals committed to bringing about positive change in India. Participants are not just recipients of knowledge but active contributors to solutions, fostering an environment where innovative ideas and a service-oriented mindset are cultivated.

About Fellowship:

The program offers a unique blend of theoretical and practical aspects, ensuring that participants not only understand the intricacies of the challenges at hand but are also equipped with the necessary skills to tackle them effectively. It goes beyond conventional educational approaches, emphasizing the importance of experiential learning and real-world application.

As participants navigate this 100-week journey, they are supported by extensive mentorship, providing them with valuable guidance and insights from experienced professionals. This mentorship component not only enhances their learning experience but also serves as a bridge between the immediate needs of grassroots development and a visionary outlook for the future.


  • Expert mentorship will be provided to fellows.
  • Stipend Support
  • Guided Reflections
  • Learning modules base on Knowledge, Skills, and Will Power.
  • Positive support

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Age: 21-30 years
  • Minimum 1 year of equivalent work experience or volunteer experience with the community
  • Language constraints based on project locations

Application Process:

Selection process is divided into three stages which are following :

– Knowing one another
  • Nomination/self application.
  • Post a video essay with statement of purpose.
– Assessing the Knowledge and Skills
  • Individual field assignments.
  • Real world problem solving.
  • Rigour for community work.
  • Personal Conversation.
– Temperament Evaluation Building Bharat Camp
  • Behaviour/Psychometric analysis
  • Vision for their district
  • Collaborative working
  • Personal Conversation

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