Scholarship Opportunity for Change Makers Kanthari

Scholarship Opportunity for Change Makers Kanthari
Best for : Individuals, Non- Profits
Duration 1 Year
Deadline : First Come Served
Organization : Kanthari
Mode Hybrid
Stipend : No
Tags : Education, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Research, Social Change


About Kanthari

Are you a change maker who wants to start your own impact-making organisation?

Then keep on reading and apply to become a participant in the impact leadership kanthari Course.
Kanthari offers a twelve-month program that will help participants develop all the necessary skills to succeed as social change-makers so they can start and run their own CSOs/NGOs, Social enterprises, or social ventures.

Types of kantharis

Green Kantharis: kanthari initiators want to create ethical social change by starting grass-root projects with alternative/new approaches. Schools for the marginalized, training centers for the blind, and environmental projects –are only some of the many examples of initiatives that positively impact society.

Yellow Kantharis: Yellow kantharis are inventors who create new products, strategies or concepts for social change. They can be active in the areas of environment, computer technology, accessibility for people with disabilities, agriculture, education and many more. The goal of their invention is to improve the living conditions of marginalized groups or protection of the environment.

Orange Kantharis: Orange kanthari entrepreneurs use business as a tool for sustainable social change. The main goal is to create a positive social impact and not to focus only on profit, but to use business ventures to find ways to create structures that benefit those who are usually left out.

Red Kantharis: Red kantharis are advocates/activists who stand up for a world free from discrimination, negative attitudes or harmful norms. Their goal is to provoke a mindset change in their communities through advocacy.

Purple Kantharis: kanthari artists use their creativity and art as a tool for making a difference. Musicians, painters, authors, filmmakers and many more, provoke a positive mind set change through their work.

What they Offer?

Selected participants will qualify for a scholarship provided by their donors to cover the training fee and accommodation.

Graduates of the program will have access to a network of change-makers from 50+ countries worldwide.


kanthari offers a 12-month lasting course.

The course is split into an online and an on-campus part.

  • Every year the course starts online in April (2 months, which is named Act 0)
  • Then the on-campus part will start at the end of May (7 months, Act 1 to 4), Usually, this part ends around mid-December and you will return home.
  • After the on-campus part is over, Act 5 will be done in the place where you start your organization. (3 months, Act 5)

Only if all acts are successfully completed, you will graduate from the course.

Location: kanthari campus in Trivandrum, Kerala, South of India.

There is one course per annum that starts in April ONLINE and in May on campus in Kerala.


  • kanthari welcomes applicants over 22 years of age (they don’t have an upper age limit) who have overcome significant life challenges ranging from vision impairment, disability, poverty, war, discrimination, and/or exploitation.
  • Or, they could also be witnesses to social situations they wish to change so others do not suffer.
  • They should have a passion to make the world a better place and the strength to be forces of good rather than be victims of circumstance.
  • Applicants must speak and understand basic English and have basic computer skills.


If you meet all the criteria and you are selected, a scholarship will be provided for you.    The scholarship covers the following:

  • a round trip ticket for a Flight, train or bus ticket to TRV airport, TRV railway, or TRV bus station
  • Transportation within India for project/course-related purposes.
  • Full board, including shared accommodation and meals (while staying at kanthari campus).
  • Exposure visits to organizations who do similar work to gather subject matter expertise and best practice.
  • Course-related costs, including faculty, equipment, and materials;

PLEASE NOTE: the scholarship does NOT COVER the following; these parts will need to be covered by you:

  • A safety caution deposit of US$ 750. (This will be returned in instalments during and after the course unless the criteria laid out in the question “What is the purpose of the caution deposit?” are not met.)
  • Passport & visa. (Except for Indian and Nepalese participants, as they do not need passports and visas)
  • Health check and health certificate
  • Health Insurance.
  • Personal expenses of approximately US$ 400 to US$ 500 for leisure time activities during the time that you are in India.
  • Any expenses that are related to your personal venture/organization, for example, cost for a web domain & hosting of your organization’s website.

Since participants come from around the world, costs for passports, visa, health insurance, etc vary. Do inform yourself in advance of costs that you will need to cover so you are able to raise the same in time.

If selected, you agree to commit to participating for the full duration of the 12 months program. During that time, the kanthari course will be your highest priority.

Don’t wait, apply today:

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