kanthari Impact Leadership Training Change

kanthari Impact Leadership Training Change
Duration 12 Months
Organization : kanthari
Countries : Asia, South Asia, WorldWide
Mode Hybrid
Stipend : No
Tags : Education, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Research, Social Change


About Kanthari

Are you a change maker who wants to start your own impact-making organisation?

Then keep on reading and apply to become a participant in the impact leadership kanthari Course.
Kanthari offers a twelve-month program that will help participants develop all the necessary skills to succeed as social change-makers so they can start and run their own CSOs/NGOs, Social enterprises, or social ventures.

The kanthari campus is located in Kerala, India, and the course starts in April. Apply to become a participant in the 2024 kanthari Course today. kanthari offers a twelve-month program that will help participants develop all the necessary skills and tools to succeed as social change-makers so they can start and run their own CSOs/NGOs, Social enterprises, or social ventures.

What kanthari offers:

  • Selected participants will qualify for a scholarship provided by their donors to cover the
    training fee and accommodation.
  •  Graduates of the program will have access to a network of change-makers from 50+ countries worldwide. Duration
  •  kanthari offers a 12 month lasting course.
  • The course is split into an online and an on-campus part.
  • Every year the course starts online in April (2 months, which named Act 0)
  • Then the in campus part will start at the end of May (7 months, Act 1 to 4), Usually this part ends around mid-December and you will return home.
  • After the on-campus part is over, Act 5 will be done in the place where you start your organisation. (3 months, Act 5)
  • Only if all acts are successfully completed, you will graduate from the course.
    Location: The next kanthari course starts in April 2024 ONLINE and in May 2024 on campus in Kerala.

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  • kanthari welcomes applicants over 22 years of age (there is no upper age limit) who have
    overcome significant life challenges ranging from vision impairment, disability, poverty, war,
    discrimination, and/or exploitation. Or, they could also be witnesses to social situations they
    wish to change so others do not suffer.
  • They want to start and run organisations/initiatives
    that are addressing social and/or environmental issues in their communities.
  •  You should have a passion to make the world a better place and the strength to be forces of
    good rather than be victims of circumstance.
  • You must speak and understand basic English and have basic computer skills.

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If you meet all the criteria and you are selected, a scholarship will be provided for you.

  • The scholarship covers the following:
  • a round trip ticket for Flight, or train or bus ticket to TRV airport, TRV railway or TRV bus station
  • Transportation within India for project/course related purpose.
  • Full board, including shared accommodation and meals (while staying at kanthari campus).
  • Exposure visits to organisations who do similar work to gather subject matter expertise and best practice.
  • Course-related costs, including faculty, equipment, and materials;

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*PLEASE NOTE: The scholarship does NOT COVER the following; these parts will need to be covered by you:

  • A safety caution deposit of US$ 750. (This will be returned in instalment’s during and after the course, unless the criteria laid out in the question “What is the purpose of the caution deposit?” are not met.)
  • Passport & visa. (Except for Indian and Nepalese participants, as they do not need
    passports and visas)
  • Health check and health certificate
  • Health Insurance
  • Personal expenses approximately US$ 350 to US$ 450 for leisure time activities during the time that you are in India.
  • Any expenses that are related to your personal venture / organisation, for example cost for a web-domain & hosting of your organisation’s website.
  • Since participants come from around the world, costs for passports, visa, health insurance etc vary.
  • Do inform yourself in advance of costs that you will need to cover so you are able to raise the same in time.
  • If selected, you agree to commit to participate for the full duration of the 12 months program.• During that time, the kanthari course will be your highest priority.

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For more information and to apply, visit https://www.kanthari.org/admissions

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