eivolve 2024 - Stage 1 Application

eivolve 2024 - Stage 1 Application
Duration Six Months
Organization : India Welfare Trust (IWT)
Countries : India
Tags : Entrepreneurship, Grants, Leadership, Social Change


About Organization:

India Welfare Trust (IWT) actively encourages citizenship, philanthropy, and volunteering in India by endorsing initiatives such as #LivingMyPromise, DaanUtsav, and #EveryIndianVolunteering. In times of crises, like the Covid-19 pandemic, the Trust provides grants to familiar organizations. Importantly, IWT differs from regular grant-making foundations, as it does not accept or consider grant applications for funding nonprofits.

Eivolve is an incubator program by IWT (India Welfare Trust) aimed at supporting startup ideas with a significant social impact driven through volunteer engagement. The focus is on scalable projects addressing various social causes. The program encourages individuals and organizations to engage thousands of volunteers as changemakers, fostering long-term social change.

About Incubation:

eivolve Incubator is dedicated to nurturing and supporting innovative startup ideas that harness the power of volunteer engagement to create a meaningful and positive social impact. The program goes beyond mere incubation by offering comprehensive support, including mentorship, access to valuable resources, and financial assistance. By fostering a dynamic environment that encourages collaboration and creativity, eivolve aims to empower startups that are committed to driving positive change through volunteer-driven initiatives. The program is designed to equip entrepreneurs with the essential tools and guidance needed to transform their ideas into scalable and impactful ventures that contribute to the betterment of society.


  • Virtual and in-person bootcamps
  • Hands-on work on startup idea
  • Mentoring and leadership guidance
  • Funding support up to Rs 50,000 for proof of concept stage
  • Monthly funding up to Rs 30,000 per founder/co-founder if selected
  • Eligibility Criteria:
  • Individuals with startup ideas or young startups (<4 yrs old) involving volunteer engagement
  • Full-time commitment required, starting May 30
  • Final-year students eligible if academic requirements completed by May 30
  • No maximum age limit
  • Open to failed entrepreneurs and individuals without a team or co-founder
  • Application Process:
  • Online application on the https://www.eivolve.org/about-us .
  • Shortlisting based on application quality
  • Interview by incubation team and panel of experts
  • Execution of a small campaign for finalists

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