Egis Impact Hub | Incubation Program

Egis Impact Hub | Incubation Program
Grant Amount €5,000
Best for : Individuals, StartUps
Duration NA
Deadline : NA
Organization : Egis Foundation
Tags : Grants, Social Change


About Organization:

Climate change is a central focus of Egis Foundation’s strategy, “Impact the Future,” guiding work with clients and projects. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, they have dedicated their corporate Foundation’s mission to fighting climate change and supporting a fair transition. Founded in 2006, the Egis Foundation actively engages in educational and charity projects, emphasizing a long-term perspective that aligns with Egis’ three CSR commitments to the environment, responsible growth, and talent development. What sets the Foundation apart is its unique ability to take tangible sustainability actions on the ground, going beyond regular consulting and engineering activities. By prioritizing communities and individuals, the Foundation remains committed to realizing a vision for a sustainable future.

The Egis Foundation focuses on combating climate change and supporting a fair ecological transition. They fund educational and social initiatives, emphasizing a ‘just transition’ towards a carbon-neutral world. The Foundation, active since 2006, aligns with Egis’ CSR commitments to the environment, responsible growth, and talent development. The Climate Change Student Challenge aims to support local actions by young people addressing climate risks.

About Incubation:

Join organization in tackling climate challenges! Create or join a team to develop an innovative solution on the theme of adapting and living together in the face of climate risks. Each year, Egis mentors and make sense support over 500 youth from 50+ countries, addressing real-life issues in their communities for climate adaptation. In this 3rd edition, we’re offering substantial support, including a cash prize of up to €5,000 and an additional boost of up to €7,000 for winners who successfully launch their projects.


  • Funding and support for selected projects.
  • Workshops, discussions, and mentoring with make sense.
  • Recognition and awards for top projects.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Open to students and young people globally.
  • English proficiency required.
  • Top-scoring projects proceed to the mentoring phase.

Application Process:

  • Register on the platform.
  • Join or create a team.
  • Complete the application form in English.
  • Top projects proceed to the mentoring phase.


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