The Maypole Fund-Grant

The Maypole Fund-Grant
Best for : Individuals
Duration Ongoing
Deadline : NA


About the Organization:

The Maypole Fund is a grant-giving organization dedicated to supporting feminist activism against militarism and war. Offering grants of up to £1000, they support imaginative and non-violent projects focused on feminist anti-militarism and anti-war activism. By joining the Maypole Fund, applicants not only gain financial support but also become part of a network working towards a more peaceful and just world. Together, they aim to make a meaningful impact on the ground, addressing the complexities of militarism and war through feminist activism.

About the Grant:

The Maypole Fund provides grants of up to £1000 to individuals and groups actively engaged in creative, non-violent projects focused on feminist anti-militarism and anti-war efforts. These projects may include direct action, educational programs, and community initiatives that address the root causes and consequences of militarism.

Benefits of the Grant:
  • Financial support of up to £1000 for approved projects.
  • Inclusion in a network of like-minded individuals and organizations.
  • The opportunity to make a positive impact on local communities.

 Eligibility Criteria:

Applicants must:

  • Be involved in feminist anti-militarism and anti-war activism.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to non-violent and imaginative approaches.
  • Have a well-defined project that aligns with the Maypole Fund’s mission.

Application Process:

  • Interested individuals or groups can submit their applications at any time.
  • Applications should include a detailed project proposal, outlining the goals, methods, and expected outcomes.
  • Emphasis should be placed on how the project addresses the specific challenges of militarism and war from a feminist perspective.
  • Applicants may submit supporting materials such as letters of recommendation or relevant documentation.


By applying for The Maypole Fund Grant, you not only stand to benefit from financial support but also become part of a global movement actively working towards a more peaceful and just world through feminist activism.

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