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Join us as an intern at! Help us share incredible opportunities with students worldwide. We explore global scholarships, internships, and fellowships daily. Our team presents clear information on the website with stylish designs. Follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn for daily updates. Be part of our mission as we reach out to NGOs for more chances. Excitingly, discover and share at least 5 new opportunities. 

About LetmeSpread

The Let Me Spread website connects non-profit organizations with volunteers who have the skills and passion to make a meaningful impact. It simplifies the process of finding and matching opportunities, making it easy for volunteers to get involved and support their community. Through the site, volunteers can explore a range of opportunities, from local events to global initiatives, and find the perfect match for their interests, skills, and availability. The site also offer resources for learning and networking. Ultimately, this matchmaking site empowers youth’s, to make a difference, while enabling non-profit organizations to achieve their missions and goals.


Key Responsibilities:

  1. Research: Daily exploration of global scholarship, internship, fellowship, and related opportunities.
  2. Content Creation: Summarize opportunities in clear, simple English, expressing personal thoughts.
  3. Website Management: Regular posting of curated content on
  4. Design: Generate Canva posters for the website and social media platforms (Instagram, LinkedIn).
  5. Social Media Management: Share curated opportunities across social media channels.
  6. NGO Outreach: Contact potential NGOs, encouraging them to register and post opportunities on the website.
  7. Consistent Posting: Ensure a minimum of 5 opportunities are posted on the website every day.


Exchange Benefits:

  1. Technology Insight: Gain knowledge about today’s world technologies.
  2. Design Proficiency: Acquire skills in Canva designs, including AI image generation for enhanced productivity.
  3. AI Understanding: Learn about ChatGPT AI, its creative writing applications, and usage.
  4. Productivity Tools: Explore Notion, an AI-based productivity application.
  5. Creative Writing Skills: Develop and refine creative writing abilities.
  6. Organization Skills: Enhance capabilities in organizing tasks and information.
  7. Strategic Planning: Acquire skills in creating and executing effective strategies.

Ideal Candidates:

  • Creative Learners: Well-suited for students who are creative and independent learners.
  • Time Availability: Individuals with spare time, eager to work and learn.
  • Enthusiasts for Change: Those who believe in transforming their lives.
  • Content Creators: Individuals aspiring to shape their lives through content creation and writing.
  • Passionate Writers: Ideal for those interested in content and blog post writing.
  • Continuous Learners: Well-matched for individuals with a passion for continuous learning.


  • Time Dedication: Commit to 3-6 hours of dedicated work every day.
  • Accountability: Ensure accountability for tasks and responsibilities.
  • Work Integrity: Maintain the integrity of the work and adhere to established policies.

Stipend Details:

  • Variable Stipend: Amount may vary based on individual effort and time invested.
  • Monthly Range: Stipend could fall within the range of 3-5k per month.


It’s a remote work opportunity, The preference would be for a person based in Any Citi but preferred Delhi Based.

Application Process:

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their resume outlining their suitability for the role to teamletmespread[at]

We eagerly await your application.

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